Commit e406cda5 authored by ariovistus's avatar ariovistus
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Merge pull request #294 from ticosax/some-tests-were-dicarded

nose wasn't collecting test_methods wrapped by @no_markdown
parents 86e03a90 89518a90
import datetime
import functools
from mock import patch
from distutils.version import StrictVersion
......@@ -32,14 +33,12 @@ from .introspectors import ViewSetIntrospector, APIViewIntrospector, \
def no_markdown(func):
def func_sans_markdown(*args, **kwargs):
import rest_framework.compat
apply_markdown = rest_framework.compat.apply_markdown
rest_framework.compat.apply_markdown = None
with patch.object(rest_framework.utils.formatting,
'apply_markdown', None):
func(*args, **kwargs)
rest_framework.compat.apply_markdown = apply_markdown
return func_sans_markdown
......@@ -2036,19 +2035,24 @@ class YAMLDocstringParserTests(TestCase):
def a_view(request):
Slimy toads
Slimy *toads*
return "blarg"
expected_value = ('Slimy *toads*'
if tuple(map(int,
) < (3, 1)
else '<p>Slimy *toads*</p>')
class_introspector = self.make_fbv_introspector(a_view)
notes = class_introspector.get_notes()
self.assertEqual(notes, "Slimy toads")
self.assertEqual(notes, expected_value)
introspector = WrappedAPIViewMethodIntrospector(
class_introspector, 'POST')
notes = introspector.get_notes()
self.assertEqual(notes, "Slimy toads")
self.assertEqual(notes, expected_value)
def test_fbv_markdown(self):
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